my banjo has finally made…

by dishpantheism

my banjo has finally made it to a luthier. yay! it's not the luthier i'd planned on but the opportunity to have another luthier look at her came up. so. i grabbed the chance. i don't know how long it will take for her repairs but i hope it doesn't take too long. i wonder why i've made my banjo feminine? it actually seems more masculine to me. my harp is definitely female. and sort of cranky. my harp is a harpy.

dropped by a new year's eve party last night but didn't stay. there was going to be a folk-y jam session. very nerdy. and very awesome. but i had pressing matters to attend to back home. yet another plumbing emergency. i actually fell asleep minutes before midnight and then woke up eighteen minutes into the new year. sounds about right. i thought 2004 had taken the cake for my most clueless year but looking back on 2008 i'd say the two would have to resort to fisticuffs to determine the winner of that title. in any case it's a very close call. i am determined to make 2009 a more peaceful and productive year and one in which i permanently pull my head from my posterior. so wish me luck with that.
took photos of my bulb kits and a necklace for my etsy. i borrowed brother's camera which is fairly decent as point-and-shoots go. and i used sister's now vacant quarters for the shooting. nice light in there. 
had a visit with my adorable tow-haired nephew. kid never fails to amuse me. he's very precocious. and very very funny.
oh. and my good friend b—- gifted me with an owl-bedecked journal. very sweet of her. and very useful for me. facilitates my compulsion to list. list here meaning to write things in orderly columns. not that sort that ships and zeppelins fall prey to. i think i do enough of that already.
wellidy. i go.