tomorrow i’m hoping to squeeze…

by dishpantheism

tomorrow i'm hoping to squeeze in an etsy update. i have little crocus and bluebell and scilla forcing kits put together for my shop. i just need to photograph them and create the listings. i'm kind of sad that i didn't think of the idea earlier in the fall so i could have ordered some of these little beauties. oh well. i'll know better next autumn. my kits include three wee little forcing glasses of varying shapes. they're adorable. i'm pretty excited. i'm going to force some crocuses myself. i've never forced them before (though i have grown them a number of times outdoors). it looks like i'm not the only one feeling the winter blah. maybe this bodes well for my little shop. i don't feel bad about what i just said because growing things is cheer-making. and i if i can help support myself by making others cheerful i think it's a good.

wellidy. g'night.