i’m taking refuge under the…

by dishpantheism

i'm taking refuge under the duvet and considering a hot bath. it is cold. 

turkey was had. pie was had. thai dinner was had. we planned on seeing a movie but there was a rather long gap between the end of our thai food feast and the beginning of the movie. and there was not a single coffee shop open in which to loiter. so we came home instead. oh well. i can make my own coffee! part of my christmas loot was a press pot and a wee coffee hand mill. super! and also: yum.
i didn't finish the creation of one of sister's gifts. i was embroidering something for her. the fabric i was embroidering was giving me trouble. i stayed up late christmas eve trying to get the project done. i was determined! but then my eyes went all wobbly and i found i was making more mistakes than useful stitches. i went to set aside my work to take a break and found that i had embroidered the piece to my pajamas (good work mc mullen!). i actually embroidered my pajamas to the work twice before i decided to pack things in for the night and admit defeat. i also pricked my finger a number of times and drew blood. ah well.
sister gifted me with three antique german porcelain dolls. they are creepy as hell and also very beautiful. they were  among my etsy favorites and i was very pleased to get them. the photos below are representative.
i like these very much. they came with the excavation dirt still intact. i might leave them thus. i might not. haven't decided.
oh. and here's a picture of one of the celluloid silhouettes sister gifted to me. it's the one with the stag. i luuuuurve it.
of course the best part of today was hanging out in pajamas whilst drinking irish coffees and listening to sister play her concertina. yay!
now i'll read dylan thomas' a child's christmas in wales as i do every christmas. 
wellidy. i hope your day was a happy one.