it’s cold. i’m going to…

by dishpantheism

it's cold. i'm going to make fleur de sel caramel in a bit. 

as usual my sister's gift-giving zeal got the best of her and she made me open one of my presents early (i did not object). she gifted me with two vintage figurines. they're beautiful! they are woodland silhouettes of thinest celluloid and look like they're carved of piano ivory. one is a man riding a stag under a leafy canopy. the other is a hunter with his hounds. they're so perfect and it was such a thoughtful gift though not surprising considering how very well my sister knows my tastes. i'm not sure where i will display them. they're so delicate! i might have to find some wee glass domes for them. 

we didn't put up a tree so things are not feeling terribly christmas-y hereabouts. but sister strung lights above her bed. those are cheery. i wish we had a woodstove like my father's. hmph.
wellidy. for those who celebrate christmas i wish you a happy one. and for those who don't a happy day anyway.