strange fruit…

by dishpantheism

the pomegranate set quite a lot of fruit this year. they're huge and red and cheery. i brought one indoors the other afternoon. i sat in bed picking the wee seeds out and eating them while reading about moomins. very sweet. 

a little parcel arrived for me today. inside was an animal of unknown origins who seems to have a fondness for oranges. cute. there's a bit of a language barrier as he only appears to speak russian. but it shouldn't be a problem. we get along fine.
a few days ago i went to check on my little succulent garden. whilst doing so i noticed a wild strawberry had ripened. it was no larger than my fingernail. but the taste was intense. 
here's a song that has nothing to do with the above post. but it's a good one.
02 Hounds Of Love
Kate Bush