i hate shopping for jeans…

by dishpantheism

i hate shopping for jeans. and that's what i did today. my favorite jeans finally gave up the ghost so i had to find new ones. i tried on about a dozen pairs of jeans. i can't put into words how loathsome a chore this was for me. all was not in vain however. i did manage to find a pair. and i found a pair of my old favorite jeans on ebay. hopefully i can make them mine. i should just make friends with a tailor and then my problems would be over. i'd just find jeans which fit my rump and have them taken in to fit my waist. somehow that has always seemed like too much effort for the sake of denim. but considering how often i wear jeans and considering what i went through today the tailor plan is looking better and better.

i am having the most delicious tea right now. so good. it's a locally produced chai. it's not made from an awful powder or syrup. it's actual tea that one has to brew. and i've made it heavily creamed and honeyed. i feel justified in consuming a cup of heavily creamed tea on account of the fact that i never cream or sugar my daily hot coffees. strictly a black coffee girl. unless it's iced in which case i (very) occasionally have it blended with cream and sugar. wellidy. that's self-obsessed beverage info ad nauseam. so sorry.
i watched black cat from the grove tonight and was blown away by its beautiful cinematography. oh. lovely. i'd wanted to see it for yonks. it's been haunting my wishlist for years. and a kind friend was able to send me a copy. yay! initially i was tempted to compare it to onibaba. but really there's no comparing. they have their respective beauties. 
gah. my ears hurt. my sinuses too. i shall retire.