i helped father procure firewood…

by dishpantheism

i helped father procure firewood today. he sawed while i ricked. there are so many downed trees hereabouts. most of the trees are on the enormous ranch which surrounds our town and most of them lay there for years rotting. the fallen tree we dismantled was also on the ranch. directly above us the main trunk of the fallen oak bore a no trespassing sign. heee. well there's one tree whose limbs will not rot. instead they'll warm my father's cabin this winter.

on the drive home i saw a condor!! it was gigantic! it flew over the van and circled above us. we were only about a mile outside of town when it happened. i'd never seen a condor so close to town. it was wonderful!
my father's neighbor goes to kenya and tanzania several times a year to dig wells and otherwise help the maasai. in fact his neighbor is in africa now doing these things. i've long wanted to visit kenya and tanzania. i think i'm going to speak with father's neighbor about such a journey when he returns. there is a wild mallow that grows on the maasai mara and it is gorgeous. i very much want to grow it. i don't know what sort it is only that it's lovely. it might even be protected. i dunno. but if it isn't i'd like to find seed.
it is time for a cup of tea i think. and so.