at dusk i walked to…

by dishpantheism

at dusk i walked to collect more walnuts. really cold. and it's even colder now. i can feel the cold seeping through the wall now as i type this. thankfully the macbook is a cozy lap-warming companion. and i think i'll have some tea in a moment. also warming. 

the tam o' shanter is coming along fairly well. it's been a while since i've knitted anything. and i've never knitted anything on such large double-pointed needles. so. things could be looking prettier tamwise. but overall i'd say it's not bad. and the color of the wool is lovely. 
yesterday whilst looking for the acorns we passed a field of corriedale. i had no idea that anyone so close had some nice fleecies. they look as though they'd been shorn in the not-so-distant past. i must inquire if there's roving for sale.
i could murder a vegan ginger spice cookie right now. unfortunately i don't have any. natch. i'm not even vegan. there just happens to be a certain brand of vegan cookie (which i can't remember the name of at present) which rocks my omnivorous world. and i want one. RIGHT NOW. 
wellidy. i go.