made bramble berry jam. ruined…

by dishpantheism

made bramble berry jam. ruined bramble berry jam. i'm a fairly deft hand at making jams too. but i fucked this one up. i didn't burn it. but i overcooked it. and it didn't set. and it's entirely too sweet. it's almost syrup. ho-hum. i'm considering emptying most of the jars to reuse for some more edible form of put by fruit. 

i'm on a ruining streak it seems. though i'm also on a creating streak. that's good i suppose. 
things ruined: 2 and 1/2
things created: 2 and 1/2
i'm sad that i ruined the berries. i had such grand plans for them when i picked them. they smelled so elder-y and sweet. i imagined that on some cold morning i'd be putting my corn-syrup-free jam on toast with a lump of yellow butter. not to be. blargh. oh well. the apricot jam i made is still quite delicious. 
in happier non-ruiner news…
i dismantled my sprang loom and used its parts to make a set of #10 ten inch double-pointed knitting needles. they're awesome! i only need to rub them with some linseed oil or sommat. but i've sanded them down and they're smooth and luverly. i used my old schoolhouse pencil sharpener to grind the ends into the required sloping points. ticonderoga ticonderoga. anyway. those were a success. as was the dying of my white wool yarn. it is now a deep milk chocolate brown thanks to a few black walnut hulls. yay! though i must admit i am slightly disappointed that they didn't come out like my test strand which was a dark and rich mossy green. the test strand was dyed without heat in the dye pail outside as the dye aged. the yarn was dyed on the stovetop. i suppose the heat is the culprit. but it's okay. i love chocolate brown. so.

the other skeins of yarn are soaking in their madder bath. they'll continue to do so for about another seven days. i'm using a heatless method for the madder. the test strand is the most lovely deep coppery orange (!!!!!). needless to say i am extremely pleased.

asters are blooming along the creek. the tall asters with the pale purple flowers. on the firebreak road the shorter chaparral asters are also blooming. they're a wee bit darker. the flowers are more sparse too. sister and i walked out to the firebreak the day it rained. the air smelled amazingly good. i'd brought along a mask i'd made several years ago. he was loosely based on false face masks. i'd named him loro. i made his hair of ramalina lichen. it occurred to me  that if i took loro outside and hung him in the rain his hair would come back to life. or might. so we walked him out to the firebreak and i hung him in an oak tree. he'll probably scare the wits out of some unsuspecting hiker. rumors of woodland witchcraft will get up and i'll have a secret laugh. 

wow: sprang. jam. knitting. nature walks. hrrrm. i'm painting myself as quite crunchy. really not the case. i just like knowing how to make things. and i like being alone. nature's a good place to do that. so. 
i'm not going to police my typing/spelling. forgive.
well. i shall go.