strange dreams…

by dishpantheism

i dreamt a dream the other night which was the closest thing i've ever achieved to lucid dreaming. i frequently realize i am dreaming in the midst of a dream but i can't control the course of my dreams. but this most recent dream was different. i was a werecat. a cross between a lynx/bobcat and me. i was dreaded by townsfolk and known in local legend as "apple cat" because i arrived when a certain sort of orangey-blushed crab apple began to ferment on the boughs. i could fly as the apple cat. and i would descend on people in the dark and scream a cat scream. i would never touch or harm them in my were-state only frighten. at the beginning of the dream i was on the hilltop where the granary oak had stood. i felt myself become the apple cat. then i soared down the hill toward the library where a group of unsuspecting people was standing in the dark. i let out an apple cat scream as i passed close by the head of the amber street lamp. i descended as i reached the crab apple tree. the people scattered in fright. when i landed i laughed and decided to fly down the hill again just for fun. at this point i was aware that i was dreaming. the decision to fly down the hill again was a conscious one. it was a very strange sensation. and a really really awesome one. it was super fleeting though as i awoke right after. darn.

i'm wondering what my were-state says about me. what my subconscious is trying to relate. it's a little scary. eek.
i go.