a quick little note…

by dishpantheism

check this out. someday if am ever approached to write a children’s book (or any book for that matter) i hope that miss julianna would be willing to illustrate it. i love her work. and now she has this wee nifty blog of nothing but drawings! hooray!

i’m currently reading the wolves of willoughby chase. it’s sister’s copy and somehow ended up in my clothes hamper. dunno how. but i think she will not mind as i just lent her my copy of lolly willowes. tit for tat. anyhow i think i like joan aiken. i don’t remember having ever read w.o.w.c. before but i remember my classmates in elementary school reading it. i think i picked up bits and pieces of the story from those classmates because the story seems vaguely familiar. i’m amused so far.
wellidy. i am going to drink tea and read.
i just read a cute little book. it’s based on a portion of one of thoreau’s journal entries. it reminds me of edward gorey somehow. errm. you can watch a truly bizarre reading of the book on the youtubes. i can’t seem to find images of the book anywhere else. so. here you go: