my father visited today. we…

by dishpantheism

my father visited today. we drove to the park and sat beneath a mulberry tree and talked. he had brought me a land camera. model 80 b. he'd salvaged it along with five or six other cameras from a landfill many years ago. it appears to be in very good condition. yay! i'm going to try and shoot some 120 film using a method i read about online. even if the wee thing doesn't work i love the heft of it. and the design. it's luverly. 

i've been refinishing the (much neglected) vintage school chairs which i'd begun refinishing several years ago. i have all of the old veneer removed. finally. it was labor intensive. but i'm pretty pleased with my progress. now i have to decide what i want the new veneer to be. decisions. as i worked on the chairs in the yard the other afternoon a pair of doves landed on the pitch of the shed roof. they warbled down at me. they didn't coo. they didn't make that euphonious sound for which they're known. no. they made that other sound. the one that sounds too ridiculous to come from any creature so delicate in appearance. after they'd sized me up and determined i wasn't a threat they flew down to the ground. they picked across the dust on their violet-pink feet searching for the black oily seeds which have fallen from the sunflower heads. soon a pair of linnets landed in the tops of the stalks and prized more seeds from the heads. the doves benefitted.
this evening i was going through one of my chiffarobe drawers and i found my grandfather's chromonica. he used to get up before the sun to listen to the farm report on the radio. when my sister and i got up for school (also before the sun rose) we'd sit at the kitchen table and he'd play songs for us. sometimes he'd dance just to get us to dance. then he'd sit and laugh and play faster. sometimes he'd play ballads and mournful songs. he was very fond of red river valley. anyhow. i've never attempted to play the harmonica. my grandmother insisted i take it after my grandfather died. it has sat in my drawer since then. now both my grandparents are gone. maybe i should learn to play. since it's chromatic it shouldn't be terribly difficult. like playing the pyeanna. 
sister returned today. she brought her concertina. she can play a pair of brown eyes and dirty old town. i think she's learning the maid behind the bar too. she looks adorable with that thing on her knee. i need to fix my effing tenor banjo already! then we could play together. that'd be fun. i have taken my harp from under her wraps. she's got a broken string. of course it has to be one of the most expensive ones. natch. but i need to replace it. i haven't played my harp in yonks. her name is medusa– both for the gorgon and for the raft. what? should i have named her bumtrinket?
wellidy. g'night.