yo soy en otra planeta…

by dishpantheism

today was an incredibly awful day. i won't go into detail. suffice it to say my day was soggy in the worst possible fashion.

i went for a walk at sundown to gather what is left of the fading blackberries. there was a do on at the park. people dancing and eating. children playing. i picked the few berries i could find at the mouth of the bridge. my fingers are stained still.
i threaded the alleys in the dark. felt sweat gathering under my hair. the roads (even the dirt ones) radiating heat into the night. coyotes started in yelping. they're still at it as i type this. the air is cooler now though. a freight train is passing through town. american trains sound mournful but also rather bossy. whoooo-woooo. move it! i'm so sad! british trains sound polite and apologetic. excuse me could you please make way. i don't mean to be a bother but i am coming through. 
tomorrow looks promising. a visit with a friend. salve.* 
*having written salve i remembered a brief convo about the correct pronunciation. and suddenly a latin lesson popped into my head: salve! ut vales? that was silly.