so. last night i went…

by dishpantheism

so. last night i went for a walk as i normally do. i went slightly later than i have been going. i went solo. left lo-dog behind because i wanted a good brisk walk. wanted to expend some nervous energy. i carried sister's big heavy flashlight. normally i take no torch because i know the streets well. passed the house with the ten-foot-tall-dog (which is another story altogether) and saw a figure coming toward me. a man with glasses. i crossed to the far side of the road. not because i was afraid. but neither am i a chump. i don't like to press my luck. the man didn't say anything. which bothered me. so i said hello. and he replied. something about the encounter didn't sit well with me. perhaps because the night before someone had clearly been watching in the upper field. i continued walking though. went up conway's hill where the granary oak had stood. down the darker slope and toward the library. saw a huge helicopter with a large headlamp flying low overhead. paused to watch. as i walked by the crabapple alley i felt someone in the dark. i can't explain the sensation. i don't suppose i need to. most people probably have experienced this once or twice. the non-sound. the night becomes muffled. so. i knew someone was there even without seeing. and then suddenly i did see something. light glinting off glasses. the man hadn't moved but i had. the shift of position caught the light on his lenses. maybe my step faltered slightly because i set him moving. heard the grass rustle and the long strides through the tall dry grass. without turning my head i saw the man's shadow thrown sharply to my left and behind me. almost as though it was my own shadow. the odd thing was that he carried something in his arms. an object translated into shadow. held aloft and in front of him was a large weeping branch. birch or willow. dunno. but he didn't say a peep. only crossed the road behind me so closely that i could feel the heat from his body. very strange. and a wee bit creepy. but also intriguing.

saw shooting stars. maybe this year's meteor shower won't suck. 
tonight my wonderful friend b—- and i had thai food. much to our dismay we found out that o has moved back to thailand! noooo! and with her went one of luhk's sister's (who was the chef). so. new chef. the food was different. not bad. but nothing will ever compare to how it was. now i suppose i'll have to go to thailand and track down o and luhk's sister. wah.
sat in the driveway discussing october. mexico trip is a go. and i'm so excited. tickets have been purchased. i can't wait to swim in that water. and be surrounded by lovely kind people. a possum was spotted sparkling from the darkness. crossing the beams of the headlights. b—- announced it in a sing-song voice. cute. 
wellidy. there was more to tell. but i am knackered. so.
and i won't police my spelling. forgive.