tonight after i arrived home…

by dishpantheism

tonight after i arrived home from a lovely dinner with (the newly returned) sister we decided to go for a walk. a lovely night for a walk. yes. threaded the streets. the stars were brilliant. the air smelled like straw and flowering hedges. on the way back i told sister i wanted to look for blackberries. we stood on the banks of the creek in the dark. i filled my palm with berries. sister ate her finds standing there. back home i held my berries under the tap to wash them. put them in the tiny footed bowl that i bought in china town seven or eight years ago. a wee blue fish rendered in inky glaze adorns one side. drowned the blackberries in icy soy milk. but i'm leaving out a bit. as i washed the berries (in the very silent kitchen) i suddenly heard a tiny voice by my elbow. i jumped back. the niece had awoke. she'd heard me running the water. decided to investigate. after i started from fright she laughed. the best laugh. put a hand over her mouth and laughed through her teeth. shoulders up around her ears. hesh hesh hesh. she said i scared you! but what are you doing, auntie? i didn't answer. only held up a berry and grinned at her. she opened her mouth like a bird. i dropped the berry in. she smiled. i told her to go back to bed. and she did. then i ate from my little dish. standing on one bare foot and then the other in the dark.

the barnstormer returned the day after i wrote the last post. it was lovely. i had been napping. i'd had a headache. i awoke to the sound of the plane buzzing overhead. i pulled my skirt on and wandered outside to see what i could see. the barnstormer did loop-the-loops and other really amazing tricks. soon i noticed people walking into the streets to watch. a couple passed the field where i was standing. the man yelled to ask if i knew the pilot of the plane. i said i didn't. the man said he should call the f.a.a. and report the pilot's stunts. but he was laughing. so it was in jest. and his girlfriend shook her head and pointed at her boyfriend. a sort of he's-a-loon-don't-pay-him-mind look. feigned exasperation. cute. then they wandered off. i didn't stay to watch the barnstormer. i wanted to. but i needed water and aspirin. so i left. el fin.
this afternoon my poor father arrived outside my house. he'd gotten a flat tire on the way into town. and it was so very hot today. not good. i need to convince my father to let me get him a phone. but he's stubborn. and i suppose i'm my father's daughter. 
wellidy. it is late. so late it's early again. and i should sleep while the sleeping is good. and the room is cool.