by dishpantheism

the day of brother's party my niece and nephews alerted me to the presence of a barnstormer. actually two. i've seen barnstormers flying overhead before. infrequently. today they were back. at first i could only see one. the orange one. then another came into view. it was white. it landed behind the asistencia. the orange one continued to fly over me. i put my hand up to cover the sun. after several passes the pilot must have seen me. he had been flying very low. he wagged his wings at me. then he gave me the most awesome of shows. he flew to a point just over me and pulled up hard. he flew vertically until it sounded like his engine stalled. then he flipped over backwards and tumbled down in a spiral. then he flew toward the south-east. he made a turn and headed back toward me. when he was nearly to me he turned upside down and flew over my head in that position! he did tricks above me for about forty minutes. it was amazing. i just stood there the entire time with a strawberry seedling in my hand and my mouth open. my eyes on the plane. finally he passed overhead and wagged his wings farewell. i waved with all of my might. for a moment i wished he would land and pick me up. the plane was so orange! and handled so deftly! sigh. anyway after he waved to me he also flew very low behind the asistencia. he was below the tops of the sycamores! he was obscured by them. then suddenly he cleared them to the north-east and shot up vertically. gunned his engine as he fell from the sky. and as he came out of his tumble the white plane rose from behind the trees. i suppose it had been refueling or something. then both raced toward the south-west. it was lovely!

wellidy. i bid you adieu.