i realized i hadn’t much…

by dishpantheism

i realized i hadn't much eaten today. i went to put the wet clothes in the dryer and suddenly felt a bit dizzy. a sandwich was made. i was excited about this sandwich. it had crispy kosher dill slices. dill pickles are to be praised. they should be feted. showered with myrrh and gold and such. so. made the sanny. sat to eat it. it was the saltiest most inedible piece of work. i don't know what happened. i blame the turkey. the pickles shall not be implicated. though they aren't the best pickles ever. that title belongs to the pickles at canter's deli. they're one of the few excuses i might use to venture to more southern climes. not such a fan of so cal. but now we're off topic. to sum up: i'm still hungry. lola ate my sanny remainder. fin.

found my copy of garden of jane delawney. it was in a stack of books. but of course. 
there's a spot between my shoulders that feels like it's made of twisted rope. i'm not pleased. but there's nothing to be done. maybe a pill or two. little. yellow. different.
i spent the entire afternoon with my father yesterday. it was diverting. by turns my father either makes me belly laugh or feel incredibly stupid. but only stupid in regard to certain fields of interest or expertise. he has an encyclopedic knowledge of certain things. and he doesn't let me forget it. or for that matter anybody else. but still. his expertise can make for interesting conversation. i'm now fully informed concerning the edison cell and the process of making hydrogen both chemically and electrically. thanks dad!
glasgerion*. you have to listen to the lyrics. it's a child ballad i think. and it's gruesome. but celia humphries's voice is so effing amazing. one doesn't notice the carnage at first. i think i'd like to cultivate such a voice. but no. it could be a curse. sort of cassandra-ish in its way. saying something important that no one will heed. 
well. i didn't walk this evening. i was otherwise engaged. i'm counting the hours until tuesday evening. which evening will be rife with thai food. did i mention that my friends spoil me? they do. someday when i'm incredibly wealthy i'll fete them each lavishly. but not as lavishly as the pickles.
*in creating this link i noticed that glasgerion is in fact a child ballad. score one for lil me.