waited in the dark tonight…

by dishpantheism

waited in the dark tonight. watched for the appearance of headlights. i shifted back and forth from foot to foot admiring the brightness of my new yellow shoes. and i swayed a little. i do this. i probably look a bit mental sometimes. but tonight i was obscured so i suppose it's okay. i saw what i thought was a giant falling star between the branches of the plum tree. though on reflection it was probably only venus peekabooing as i swayed. still. it was quite pretty. the headlights i was awaiting eventually arrived. we went to a coffee shop and talked for a few hours. it was good. my friend works very odd hours as a police dispatcher. my penchant for night living aligns nicely with her schedule lately. after coffee we ventured into the 24-hour grocery. pozole fixings. tomorrow i'll be invited to a wonderful dinner prepared by the amazing husband and wife duo of which my friend is the latter half. did that make sense? it's late and my brain is on the edge of nonfunction. as you can see.

i think i hear skunks barking outside. they snuffle. they barfle? they snark? dunno.