the edges of the walnut…

by dishpantheism

the edges of the walnut orchards have been mown. bindweed exposed where it clings to fading oats. dark green on blonde. most of the haymakers have finished their work. ricks of baled hay dot the pastures.
blooming chicory turned entire fields light blue this morning. it was amazingly pretty. 
a pale doe trotted out in front of the car. a speckled fawn shadowed her traces. the sun was still low in the east. 
passed the stud farm. thoroughbreds are such improbable creatures. made of anticipation and tendon and glass. 
i put up apricot jam. it didn't jell as i wanted. it was a soft set. but it tastes quite good even if a little too sweet.  now if only the oven wasn't broken. i'd wait until a cool evening and make bread.