i can hear raccoons eating…

by dishpantheism

i can hear raccoons eating outside the window. they're gorging on the cat's food. they chew with their mouths open. perhaps it facilitates digestion. somehow i doubt it. still. they are cute little marauders. 

dogs are howling the length of the street. i don't know what has set them off. maybe they're only howling for recreation. maybe i should go outside and howl. i'm both bored and a bit blue. and i'm numbing my pain by writing awkward alliterations. forgive me.
the weather is cold-ish. i had to find a sweater to wear. i chose the black one with the hood. it's a little angora-y and so very soft. but something about the shape makes me feel sort of schoolgirlish. or. dunno. maybe it's the way the hood lays flat against my back. when it's on my head i look like a refugee. or a witch. it's such a magical sweater that i write whole paragraphs about it. you have my permission to retch.
i want to knit something on a night like tonight. i don't know what. i was thinking of making a wee throw. i don't know if i have enough yarn of any one shade for that. and too many shades of a clashing nature for anything of a multi-colored palette. well. maybe i can make a tea cozy. though an alpaca tea cozy seems needlessly decadent. fiddlesticks.
eeyore signing off.