bulldozers and heavy machines have…

by dishpantheism

bulldozers and heavy machines have been passing back and forth behind my house for days now. the earth shakes as they go. and they do a lot of backing up. thus there's a lot of beeping. the men of that particular metier have some of the loudest voices in existence. and yet i can never quite tell what they're saying. anyway. early each morning they begin working. turning over the soil and burying things in it. and inadvertently planting star thistle in the wake of their tread.

a small vial of ambergris appeared in the post. it is the most amazing scent. i now sort of want to comb the atlantic for floating chunks of the stuff. who'd have thought that whale bile could be so completely beguiling? amazing. the odor is hard to describe. like someone's hair or neck when they wake up in the morning. a tiny bit like melilot or vanilla. sugar-y and bitter at the same time. fox pelt. slightly marine. very slightly. edges of balsam. and leather. no. you'll just have to smell it for yourself. words fail. i've smelled synthesized amber loads of times. but it doesn't compare.
wellidy. g'night.