sister is en route to…

by dishpantheism

sister is en route to ireland again. safe trip!

we had a talk the other night about astrological signs. when sister was a teenager she picked up a book about astrology and became absorbed. i don't put a whole lot of store in astrology. at least not in the manner that most (interested) people do. but it is interesting how often my sister can tell what someone's sign is. even from a distance. even without any prior knowledge of the person. something to do with physical traits. but it's a wee bit uncanny. she has a book about the 22 lost zodiac signs. according to that breakdown i'm ruled by andromeda. helpless maiden? no. not so much. but bound by chains? erm. yes. sometimes.
the sun was orange this afternoon. shadows in triplicate. the sky is still hazy and everything smells like ruin. ash halos on the sodium lamps. amber doubled and diffuse. so pretty and a little eerie. 
moths are lining the walls around the windows. the mimosa is blooming. it isn't really a mimosa. it's an albizia. or a persian silk tree if you're feeling especially lyrical. in any case it smells amazing. sometimes i pick one of the flowers and rub it over my face until there is nothing left. the flowers feel so soft. perhaps i shouldn't admit to that. it probably reflects poorly on me somehow. 
a woman sat next to me whilst i waited for the bus today. she asked me about a certain bus route but i couldn't be of any help. i didn't know the schedule for the route she wanted. but i pointed her to an illuminated* timetable. as she was looking the table over i asked her the time. she turned to tell me. and she spat peanuts everywhere. and then she blushed redder than i've seen anyone blush in a long time. i felt really bad. i wanted to tell her how many mortifying things i've done in front of strangers. how it really didn't matter. but i didn't. she avoided looking in my direction for quite a while. reminded me of a cat. after a spell she scooted next to me and asked if i had change for a dollar. i did. then all was better. or at least less awkward.
wellidy. g'night.
*"illuminated" here meaning backlit. not like that thing which medieval monks accomplished. though that would be pretty rad too.