at dusk we walked to…

by dishpantheism

at dusk we walked to the woods. sister was on a quest to collect good smelling things to share with her friends in ireland. pearly everlasting is blooming. the leaves are resin-y and smell like maple and saddle blanket. i picked some leaves and sister lined her pockets with them. then there was oak moss. i love the way it smells. indescribably good. then mugwort and vervain and walnut leaves. she wanted bay leaves too. but the light was fading and we weren't far enough into the foothills to gather any. as we walked back we talked about the stories our grandfather and grandmother and cousins used to tell us. tales of unexplained things. ghosts and shape-shifters. bogles. beasties. skinwalkers. soon our skin was turning to gooseflesh. our hairs standing at attention. it's odd because i have no fear whatsoever of walking into the woods at night. but being on a trail where people come and go (no matter how infrequently) makes a trip into dark woodland very very creepy. so. we walked faster and talked more. whistling-past-a-graveyard fast. it felt good.

when we got back to town we threaded the streets rather than going home directly. someone keeps his project steer in an enclosure next to the street. sister has taken to calling the steer "beef." how demeaning. tonight as we neared the enclosure she called out "hullo beef!" which was both funny and sad.
the horse-chestnuts are blooming. waxy and white. the long wands of bloom look as though they've been dipped in molten paraffin. 
well. g'night.