the last several evenings we’ve…

by dishpantheism

the last several evenings we've gone to the grammar school playground to swing. the first evening was a spooky one. the sky was bruise-colored. the swings creaked in an eerie way. the wind had fits of creepy stillness. whilst swinging i said to sister, "look at that tree. the one on the ridge. the one that looks…" "like a buffalo," she said. which is exactly what i was going to say. but it would have to be a huge buffalo. a prehistoric one maybe. i think we both have overactive imaginations. the next night when we swung the mood was entirely different. the light was golden. robins and killdeer and magpies hopped upon the field. the robins were especially nice. they've sunset-colored chests. as i swung i noticed a light in the grass. it was to my right. each time i reached my swing-y antapex the light disappeared. it would reappear during the extremes of my arc. bright. diamond-like. i'm not such a fan of diamonds. but the thing blinking from the grass was lovely. flashes of blue and orange. pale green and white and gold. as the sun set it faded. it was probably a candy wrapper. anyway. i dragged my bare feet across the sand to slow my movement. when i stood up and let go the chain i noticed my hands were red with rust. we walked across the playground toward home. there's a map of the u.s. painted on the blacktop. i crossed the continent in a matter of steps. and then walked into an asphalt sea. cartography was suddenly useless.

my cacti bloomed tonight. amazing. they started unfurling just as the sun was setting. i picked up the pot they're growing in to get a better look. there was a wee baby mantis on one of the flowers! it was tiny! as small as my pinkie's nail. green with pale orange eyes. it leapt away. i put the flowers to my face to see if they smelled like anything. they hadn't opened by that point. but they were trying. they smelled only faintly. like corn silk. the necks of the buds were covered in fuzzy black hair. sister and i decided to go for a walk then. we passed a lamppost. someone had hung a slightly mummified gopher snake from it. the snake's mouth was at the level of my face. he was a much bigger snake than the one we saw the other day. probably two feet long. the meeting startled me for a moment. by the time sister and i returned home the cactus flowers had opened. huge! bigger than the bodies of the cacti themselves. the petals looked like flakes of cream-colored beeswax. inside were bundles of yellow-green filament. the flowers smelled sweet and good. a mixture of the exquisite mystery scent i had encountered a few days back and decay and corn silk. the decay was not the decay of vegetable matter. it smelled like rotting animal. but somehow good. it must be that same note you can smell in almost any flower if you try very hard. ordinarily it's difficult to detect. among night-blooming things i suppose it's just more pronounced. anyway. i don't know why i've bothered trying to put it in words. it can't be done.
in other news…
i don't have a television. not because i hate t.v. but just because i'd likely never get a thing done if i had one. but sister has one. and i like funny. so. she made me watch every episode of 30 rock that she owns. tina fey is awesome.
wellidy. i'm actually quite sleepy. so i'll say g'night.
i'm not going to police my spelling etc. indulge me please.