saw another wonderfully bright shooting…

by dishpantheism

saw another wonderfully bright shooting star. orange. lovely. the moon was a sliver of silver with the dark remainder still visible. there must be a term for that. i haven't any idea what it is though.

a model t rounded a corner in front of us. it rather noisily halted and the driver jumped out. he ran into the yard of a nearby house. the car door was left open. the engine left idling. only one taillight was functioning. 
i smelled something out there in the dark which i've never smelled before. it was exquisite. i can't even begin to explain how amazing it smelled. i think it was a night-blooming cactus. there's a house with a cactus garden. the cacti are blooming. we could see them all white and glow-y. actually it's this house with the puckish/not puckish guy. he doesn't live there anymore in any case. and he's not the one who planted the cactus garden. there used to be a family of guerrerenses living there. they kept a dovecote and played billiards in their garage on summer nights. they'd play late into the night with the radio blaring mariachi. when they moved out the house was vacant for a long time. i snuck into the yard one night with a pocketknife and some newspaper. i was afraid the garden would be bulldozed. it was a mission of mercy*. i severed several large bits of cactus. rolled them in the paper. took them home. in the process i jammed a number of spines deep into my knuckles. it hurt. a lot. and extracting the spines was just as bad. used a sewing needle to dig them out. i suppose there's a lesson there. namely don't steal cacti in the dark. anyway. the cuttings i stole set flowers last year. but the buds withered before they ever bloomed. this year the cuttings set many more blooms. most of them fell off. but two remain. and they are swollen. i imagine they'll bloom tomorrow or the next night. then i can compare smells and see if it is indeed amazing cactus flower filling the night air. my. that was a lengthy tangential piece of nothing.
i should probably sleep now hadn't i. it's not a question. rhetorical.
and so.
*this is how i justify my banditry. i'm really just a common criminal though.