we went for a long…

by dishpantheism

we went for a long hike today. actually we trespassed to go on a long hike. it was slightly thrilling due to the illicit nature of our course. we hiked through fields where narrow-leafed and woolly-pod milkweeds were blooming. the grass has mostly turned golden except under the trees. there it's still green. we came to a low place which formed something like a glade. boxed in by oaks. the grass was tall and green and felt cool. there was tall bracken growing on the slopes. the sun filtered down through tree-bound spires of poison oak. the leaves glowed. checkered light undulated across the grass tops when the wind blew through the trees. so effing pretty. mullein is blooming. lovely yellow. clarkia is setting seed. 

when the sun was about to set we walked to the grammar school and swung. my swing made a very human sound. it had me charmed. plus its chains smelled good. sister's swing made a strange clicking noise. she was less charmed. some fellas were playing basketball behind us. when the ball dinged the hoop or hit the backboard the whole set-up made a sound like a monastery gong. i liked it a lot. killdeer called to us from the baseball field. i said that the sunset reminded me of a swatch of 1970s sherbet-y disco shroud chiffon. sister agreed but said it also brought to mind pegasus (pegasi?) and yoo-nee-corns. how sad. sunsets can't just be sunsets sometimes. they have to be laden with pop culture references.
we tired of swinging and lay on our backs watching for the appearance of stars. they still hadn't showed when we decided to get up and walk home. passing through the parking lot i noticed a glitter encrusted toy beetle on the top of a safety post. orange! and it was smiling. it made me happy.
well. to bed.