the blooming of the privet…

by dishpantheism

the blooming of the privet completely crept up on me this year. tonight the hedges were covered in cloudy white spindles of flower. starry little things. and they smell amazing. i picked three branches. i stripped the lower little twigs and bundled those into a tiny antique medicine bottle on my bedside table. the main branches are in a bigger vessel with some honeysuckle. so good.

we had dinner at tsurugi tonight. after walking a few blocks ran into a friend i hadn't seen in years. odd. but also pleasant.
my walking shoes have given me the wickedest blisters! it's craziness! they never do that. my shoes are so worn in that i'm really sort of baffled at this turn of events. hmm.
a barbara pym novel came home with me. i love her writing. she has the wryest sense of humor. i haven't read this one. but pym hasn't disappointed me yet.
wellidy. i must to sleep.