sister has returned. full of…

by dishpantheism

sister has returned. full of interesting tales. knowing my love of things moomin-y she brought me a lovely new moomin book. i've put it in the sidebar. so cute. 

tonight we walked. i picked a walnut leaf in the dark. it smelled so good. it was an english walnut not a black walnut. those smell even nicer. someone near the top of the hill is growing petunias. i couldn't see them. i could smell them. also the sweetness of freshly made hay. 
a possum* came sparkling from the darkness. his face like a blank white heart. possums and barn owls emerge from the dark in this similar white-shimmering way. i love it. in the dim amber light of my favorite street lamp the possum appeared to have hundreds of wee little legs. quick ones. they blurred into something resembling a worn out scrub brush which propelled him into a bank of periwinkle. little pink earthworm tail dragging behind him. i'm completely smitten with possums. i think they are beautiful. and tonight's possum made me especially happy.
well. it is getting late.