do yourself a favor and…

by dishpantheism

do yourself a favor and visit the latest issue of peter parasol. lovely to the ump'th power! and i'm not just saying that because one of the poems happens to be mine. no. also while you're devouring the wonderfulness that is the current issue take a gander at the first issue. you will not be sorry. now scoot!

in other news…
i've just eaten the most delicious artichoke ever. it came from my garden. i can't take credit for the deliciousness of course. i do nothing to the artichokes. i rarely water them because the water table here is high enough that the plants fare quite well. though i gave them a drink yesterday on account of the awful heat. but other than that they are very carefree little creatures who reward me with wonderful things to eat though i neglect them. now if some brilliant agronomist would breed an artichoke that was mostly heart the world would be a nearly perfect place to live. no. scratch that. too much of a good thing. i'd probably grow to hate artichokes then. besides half the joy of the artichoke is the wrestling one must do to get to the heart. jabbing ones fingers on the spines and being constantly reminded that you are in fact eating a giant thistle. magical food. to quote homer (simpson): arrrrrrrghgghllllaaahhh. they're that good.
well. the night is rapidly getting on. and i have quite a lot to do. so. i take my leave. 
ps- go and read the parasol!!! am i being bossy?