the beach was lovely today…

by dishpantheism

the beach was lovely today. scarcely another person there. i buried my feet in the sand. watched a fishing vessel rise and fall on the water. a gull stole a bag of crackers from a pile of coats and shoes that had been stowed just out of reach of the waves. he dragged it across the sand trying to rend a hole in it. he succeeded. and then three more gulls came. they fought over the bag while crackers tumbled out onto the beach. i thought perhaps i should have rescued it. but i noticed the woman who owned the bag in question didn't seem very concerned that its contents were being strewn about. so i wasn't concerned either. pelicans flew over. empty sand crab armor littered most of the beach. it looked like the aftermath of a terrific tiny battle. the kelp was arranged like some kind of beautifully illegible calligraphy. the sea was trying to tell me something maybe.

on the drive home a girl peddled oranges on the roadside. glass family farm. yuccas are blooming all waxy and cream-colored. farewell-to-spring and elegant clarkia are blooming as well. pretty. 
wellidy. my jeans are terribly sandy and that must be remedied. i think i've already tracked sand into every conceivable corner of my house. and since i'm typing this on the edge of my bed i suppose my bedclothes are sandy now too. drat! i go.