the black locusts across the…

by dishpantheism

the black locusts across the way are blooming. the blossoms smell good. but a little goes a long way. the odor is like the grape-scented ink girls in grammar school had. or like grape soda.

i feel a thunderstorm coming. it's muggy and overcast out. the mockingbirds seem to be enjoying it.

the other afternoon a mountain lion wandered into the parking lot of the post office in the next town over. the animal/fish police came and shot it. makes me sad. it could have been transported somewhere suitably rural and released. i'm sure it only wandered into town because of the many new housing developments forcing their way into mountain lion territory. now i sort of wish it had eaten a few children before it was so unceremoniously dispatched. no. i jest.

i've been feverishly sewing a dress these last few days. i made a tiny cashmere bear too. i haven't given it a face yet. it stares creepily with its blank visage. i must do something about that. anyway. my absence hasn't been intentional. i haven't had much to discuss. i can only say so much about seam rippers and sharps and mercerized threads. it's just not terribly exciting.

i've consumed many many strawberries in the last week. i didn't grow these. they were purchased. and they were probably saturated with methyl bromide. mmmm. poisons.

wellidy. that's that. i'll try to do something a bit more exciting in the coming weeks so as to have something remarkable to talk about.