athena used to appear in…

by dishpantheism

athena used to appear in my dreams a lot. owls too. the other night after an evening of flu-y ickiness i fell heavily asleep and dreamed about the sea. a very sheltered cove. water that constantly changed color. corfu blue. then a  darkish green-y atlantic blue. i was crawling on all fours across the beach. the water was really warm. the beach was made of white sand and very smooth small pebbles. i found a periwinkle periwinkle. and then another. and then many many periwinkles. i put them in my pockets. a little farther on i found shells that looked like jewel beetle wings. i pocketed them too. then i crawled over something the color of bisque or bone. i turned back to pick it up. it was a figurine of athena in a chariot. i put her under one arm and kept crawling. there was another figurine. this one dark. it was a plow horse with huge wings pulling a cart. i put it under the other arm and kept crawling. i stood up and walked out of the water toward a van. i found two satchel handles missing their satchels. the handles were bone carved with the heads of animals. 

there was more. but that's all i need to post here i think. i'm glad athena has returned. now if only fujin would return. he used to lend me his bag of wind and i'd fly around with it.