terribly hot today. i think…

by dishpantheism

terribly hot today. i think we reached the nineties! i took the bus to the coast to meet my friend for dinner. good fun. and i made it to uptown/black horse without being accosted by any weird guys. hooray! though i did briefly see the ham-BURGER homeless man.*  thankfully he didn’t bother me. however he did frighten a little girl.

i’d been searching for my copy of doolittle for weeks. it’s among my top albums for late spring/summer listening. i don’t know what i did with it. it isn’t in any of my cd or record crates. it’s simply m.i.a. but i found a backup copy. poor sound quality though. still. i was happy to find it and put it on the ipod. it made my bus ride so pleasant. sunny weather and pixies and hillsides made blue with the blooming of ceanothus make for a happy day. 
yesterday coming home from the grocery store a hawk lit on a small furry creature in the middle of the road. he must have been very hungry because he didn’t remove his prey to a safe place before tearing it open and devouring it. he just stood in the center of the road shredding and eating his little bloody parcel. cars had to halt quickly to avoid flattening him.
something is eating my chinese lanterns. gah! i am not pleased. but my melons and tomatoes all look wonderful so far. 
if i owe you an email i’m super sorry for the delay. i don’t know what’s the matter with me. i need to take a boot to my bottom.
edit: a bit of pom poko for to cleanse the palate.