went to check on the…

by dishpantheism

went to check on the state of the gravenstein. it's in full bloom. the buds are darkish pink. they open to white. some retain bits of pink in the form of veining on the petals' reverses. the blossoms smell like a less fragrant wild rose. which is to say they smell amazingly good. out of curiosity i put one of the petals in my mouth. they taste green and (not surprisingly) like roses and unripe apple. they feel a bit waxy and are less delicate than one would suspect. though still quite delicate. there was a mayfly hiding in the petals. its wings had the color of soap suds. pretty.

i'm worried because there is a marked lack of honeybees. my father stopped by a few weeks ago and pointed out that the honeybees hadn't come when his rosemary bloomed. when my rosemary bloomed the bees also didn't show. and now my apple tree is blooming. still no honeybees. though i was buzzed by a few bumblebees late this afternoon. they've come for the wisteria. i'm happy to see them. 

i evicted two snails from my artichokes. sometimes when i find empty snail shells i post them on twigs i've sunk into the ground. like heads on pikes. i do it as a warning to future trespassers. unfortunately it doesn't seem to convince my gastropod friends to keep away.
here's a song about apple trees.