wisteria and echeveria are blooming…

by dishpantheism

wisteria and echeveria are blooming. some late hyacinths too. startling blue. an anna’s hummingbird came nectaring. perched in the top of a gum tree. rubbed his wings together loudly. they’re really territorial.

when i am bored or have writer’s block i fill pages of my journals/sketchbooks with drawings of stylized mussel shells. i’ve done this since i was about twelve. i’ve filled hundreds of pages over the years. sometimes i fill the entire page. sometimes i don’t. i expend many a gel pen that way. the other evening while i was waiting for my friend to meet me for dinner i sat at black horse/uptown and drew mussels. an older man expressed concern over the affect of the dim light on my eyesight. there was only the outdoor fireplace to illuminate my page. mostly i think he was just being nosy when he leant over my book. but it was cute nonetheless.
i’m going to try my hand at making some needle lace. wowie.
here’s a video i came upon over at ilike. nice.