i’m 32. wow. how did…

by dishpantheism

i'm 32. wow. how did that happen? 

earlier this evening sister and i were chatting online. she's passing through williamsburg right now en route to spain. during our chatting she made some reference to the time difference. she said, "oh i forgot you are three hours in the past." i said, "yes. and you're three hours into the future. what's the future like? are there flying cars?" "no. just rats," she said. i wish that i was three hours into the future even if rats populate that space. time travel is as easy as a ticket to the other coast. or somewhere more distant even. i've never considered flying in that light.
as a birthday present to myself i bought an aloe striata and two different species of dudleya. i had to choose between music or plants. plants won. they usually do. the aloe striata is unbelievably beautiful. the leaves have subtle stripes. they're an aqueous green-blue with pale orange margins. the flowers look like they're carved from coral and beeswax. just lovely.
i have found paper umbrellas. this means my dinosaurs will finally be able to put on their own production of les parapluies de cherbourg. c'est chouette! i've seriously been looking everywhere for paper cocktail umbrellas. nobody sells them! it's weird. i've been looking for several months and so has the sister. today victory was mine. hooray!
a while back i looked at my statcounter and noticed someone had translated a page from the old blog into french using the search engine translate feature. the results were really amusing. teehee. oh frere-ish.
well. it's late. today there will be feasting in my honor. and i will make lemon meringue pie. hooray!