my good friend feted me…

by dishpantheism

my good friend feted me this evening. early observance of my birthday. it was wonderful to see her and chat. and eat mango curry. it was late when we arrived at the thai place. but we were let in. the waitress ordered for us because she knows what we eat. after all the other customers had left we had a funny conversation with her. she told us how she was stopped by the police one night and was asked where she came from. she said she froze up because she didn't know what the officer meant. did he mean where was she coming from that minute? that would be the market. did he mean where did she come from originally. that would be thailand. did he mean where in the city she lived? so she just stammered and looked at her companions. and they all stammered and looked at one another. and i guess the officer was in a hurry because he just waved them on. but watching o (the waitress in question) tell the story was a highlight of my evening. she's really animated when she tells a story. she's a character that one. i laughed heartily.

a strange thing happened on my bus ride into slo. i got on the bus at the stop near my house and immediately noticed a guy sitting at the front of the bus. there was nothing particularly striking about him. but i thought to myself when i saw him that guy totally kills cats. he just gave me a very bad feeling. i took my seat about two rows behind him. he was sitting in a seat that faced the interior of the bus. i was sitting in a front-facing seat. i saw him get up and heard him ask the driver how long we would be stopped. the driver mumbled a reply and the guy said oh great! i have time. he climbed out of the bus and ran into the mercantile (it really is called the mercantile. i'm not just being old-timey.) and returned with something orange in his hand. i didn't pay very close attention to what it was. i simply noticed it was orange because i'm very fond of that color. i was just putting my headphones on when i heard a really loud clicking sound. it got louder and more rhythmic. i thought it was the driver cleaning out his bus pass punch. but no. i could see a reflection in the window glass. it was the guy with the orange thing. and the orange thing was a gun. a toy gun. it was pointed at me. the guy was sitting there shooting at me with a plastic pistol. and he did this for almost eight miles. it was really effing bizarre. i didn't make eye contact and i pretended i couldn't hear the noise. at first he tried to make it more obvious that he was shooting at me. he made the gun's hammer come down louder and faster. and he even brandished the thing about a few times. when it was apparent that i wasn't going to acknowledge him he just rested the gun on his knee (still shooting) and stared at me the remainder of the trip. i was really made uncomfortable. i don't know why he did it. if it was a come on it was the weirdest thing anyone has ever done to get my attention. being fired upon is the least amorous gesture i can think of. well at present anyway. if i give it some thought perhaps i'll come up with something worse. dunno. maybe he just felt like intimidating someone and i was handy. jesus. it's been a banner week of creepy attention. must be the moon.
wellidy. i am sleepy.