yesterday we had japanese dinner…

by dishpantheism

yesterday we had japanese dinner. sister remarked that the roe tasted slightly of grapes. i had to agree. i'd say they taste more like grape skin. like wild grape skin. maybe a little like black currant. and also saltwater. slightly floral too. anyway. a complex taste for such tiny little things.

this afternoon (late) we walked out to the wood. at the beginning of the path there's a corral with three oaks and a water trough. recently the trough has seen a lot of visitors. today there was only an impressive black angus bull loitering there. soon we heard an unseen heifer lowing. the bull started toward the sound. when he got to the center of the corral he reached out his front leg and scuffed the earth. then he stamped hard several times. the heifer came around a clump of snowberry. the bull walked toward her salivating great strings of saliva and lifting his chin at her. he was very very interested in her in a most (ahem) visible way. it was obscene. but also really cool. she let him nuzzle her face and inspect her rump. but then she ran away. i kept thinking how odd it is that uncut calves turn into such hulking beasts. i've been to more cuttings and artificial inseminations than i can count. it's sort of unavoidable growing up in the country. today it suddenly made perfect sense why humans have to interfere with the breeding process of domestic cattle. this poor unwieldy bull limped spastically after his heifer for a long time. she continually kept a pace ahead. bovine kind would probably perish if it wasn't for a person with a clipboard and an insemination straw.
johnny-jump-ups are blooming all over the place! hooray! red maids too.
tonight i stopped under my favorite streetlight. i heard ducks flying overhead. even though the moon was incredibly bright i couldn't see the ducks. there must have been many. the dogs the length of the street all were set to barking. 
the milky white mare was asleep on her feet when i passed. the mule down the street was eating in the moonlight.
sister and i saw three brush rabbits today! fast as can be. love them. but i do love hares too. and i haven't seen one of those this year.
i've been meaning to make a wee little podcast of me reading something. i had said before that i would do so. and now that i have this most excellent macbook i have no excuse not to. i had chosen a colette short story. but then i just got the selected stories of robert walser and i might decide to read one of those instead. or maybe some silvina ocampo. dunno. something.
wellidy. g'night.