i was here…

by dishpantheism

walking toward the bus stop late this afternoon i noticed a graffito etched into the cement. it read "i was here." it made me laugh a wry little laugh. how sad. i was here.  who writes such a thing? i mean honestly. what an odd monument. moments later a car drove past. in yellow grease pencil on the window: i <3 you. 

after arriving home a walk was in order. sister and i went. on the return we discussed writing a screenplay together. fun. all of a sudden i noticed a figure in the street. a grey squirrel. it was on its back. arm raised over its face like it was blocking the sun from its eyes. white slick of belly. i trotted out into the street (in front of an oncoming truck tsk!) to see if it still lived. nope. i felt really bad for it. but upon nearing it i broke into laughter. sister stood on the far side of the street puzzling. when i had composed myself i shouted over to her "nut in its mouth! i swear to god. there's a nut clenched in its mouth!" and there was too. a very large nut. it was the most absurd thing.

we walked onto the next block and i noticed another squirrel. this one was sitting flat on its bottom the way very small children do. it was licking something. i remarked that it looked ill. sister said she thought it might be rabid. i walked toward it to see how long it would linger before spooking. i walked right up to it. it had a creamy white nut in its little dusky gloves. it moved slowly toward an oak trunk and began climbing in a rather labored manner. i turned and left.

some days i really don't at all feel like walking. but after beginning the desire to be performing that activity slowly grows strong. by the end of the walk i feel very happy. i just thought this was worth mentioning. when i read through my posts i sometimes think i'm giving the impression that i live some kind of enchanted existence where walking brings on the appearance of foxes who fart rainbows or something. not so. but of course as trite as it sounds the world is beautiful if one knows the right way to look. so. i try to look the right way.