kjetil caught a mouse. i…

by dishpantheism

kjetil caught a mouse. i chased him around the yard (in geta!) in the dark yelling at him and clapping my hands so he'd drop the little guy. he did let go. but he had dropped the mouse in a shadow. i searched on my hands and knees for it. i must have flushed it from the grass because kjetil pounced and had the mouse again in nothing flat. up and away over the fence. refuge in the dark of the neighbor's yard.

moon looked like a reed barque again tonight. it set quite orange-ily. then a mockingbird sang us a song from the boughs of a maul oak.

i have become addicted to boing boing. i'm driving people around me crazy with my constant referencing of that site. i'm late jumping on board the boing boing train. the first few times i visited the site most of the links were tech oriented. i've always been kind of a luddite so the tech information flew right over my head*. i'm slowly reforming. making friends with technology. anyway i stopped in again over at boing boing a couple of months back and now i can't stop reading. it's woooonderful.

*in grammar school when we finally got a classroom computer i still preferred our spirit duplicator. it had a more interesting smell.