seven things…

by dishpantheism

i've been meaning to take up this meme. i'm not sure if i can come up with seven things (of interest) unknown to those reading here. i think four or so years of blogging has pretty much covered everything. but i'll give it a go. 

the rules: Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Share 7 random and or weird things about yourself. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.

1) i write left-handed but i'm semi-ambidextrous. i can draw with both hands though that's not saying much. i'm not much of a drawer. i can draft patterns quite well and sketch designs with either paw. not really the same business. anyway i use my hands interchangeably for a good number of tasks. i hold a fork or spoon in either hand. hashi are strictly a lefty deal though. and when riding a horse i generally grip the reins in my right hand. i almost always read magazines from the back to the front. i can't turn pages well with my right hand. so. 

2) nearly every fella i've dated has had the letter j as his first initial or has had a name from the bible. (zachariah. amos. james. jason. john. james. john. etc.)

3) i can read the binomial/botanical name of a plant once or twice and remember it for good. i can do this with common names too. also somehow without ever having seen a specific plant i can tell what genus it is. it's really not very impressive considering plants in a given genus usually have very similar traits. but sometimes i am pleasantly surprised by my brain. it seems to be way smarter than i am. damn brain! it recalls things i'd forgotten. but usually things i didn't consciously hope to remember in the first place. 

4) when i was a small child i had severe nosebleeds. i had to have the veins in my nose cauterized once because i had a nosebleed that wouldn't stop. i was very small but i remember it vividly. i was terrified of the doctors and nurses. to lessen my terror they gave me a winnie the pooh hospital gown. it did help. but i still struggled against my captors. i spent many hours sitting in an ice bath with cold towels over my face when i was little. my nosebleeds were much worse in the summer when the air was especially hot and dry.  

5) my hands are ridiculously long. like arachnodactyly long. my wrists are also abnormally small. i can overlap my thumb and pinkie when i encircle my wrist with them. it's weird. i totally have marfan-y hands.

6) i don't like eggs. i really don't like the way they taste. i'll only eat them if i can't taste them. for example i'll eat them in baked goods or breads or in an omelette if the omelette is smothered in something delicious. mushrooms and peppers and tomatoes are good smothering agents. i think my egg disgust is somehow tied to the fact that i have a very acute sense of smell. eggs smell. they just do.

7) i have very vivid dreams. i used to keep a dream journal. i had an art teacher who i liked very much and who was a huge fan of carl jung. he urged me to keep a dream journal. i'm ashamed to say i haven't kept a steady record in several years. i used to sleep with pen and journal under my pillow so i could write my dreams down while they were fresh in my mind. no more. i should start up again. hmm. several times i've had dreams which were very powerful and woken up at the same instant that my locked bedroom door flew open of its own accord. i can't explain it. very frightening and very baffling.

i don't think i know seven internet personalities well enough to request that they meme it up for me. so. i'll not pass this along in any kind of personal fashion. but i'm also a terribly nosey person so i urge anyone reading this to relate seven random/strange/unknown things about him or herself.