another meal at big sky…

by dishpantheism

another meal at big sky. this one because a doctor visit was scheduled for the afternoon and foods were needed in the meanwhile. unfortunately i saw very little of the fella with the mustache. i sat facing the wall and window. sister sat facing the interior of the restaurant. i asked her to switch seats with me but she refused. also she informed me that she had word that the mustachioed waiter may have a girlfriend. sucks. super disappointing. interesting single guys are not thick on the ground hereabouts. consequently i'm far sadder about this turn of events than i should allow myself to be. i should probably just make myself content with being hooted at by guerrerenses who seem to loooove my hips. aye mami!  

on the upside coralie clement was playing while we dined. that was nice. samba de mon coeur qui bat. 

the mirabelles are blooming. excellent. 

and now i sleep.