pink jasmine is in full…

by dishpantheism

pink jasmine is in full bloom on the coast. walking around downtown slo today i smelled jasmine everywhere. luverly. it's one of my favorite cultivated plants. also i took some cuttings of thunbergia gregorii on osos street. yay! 

while eating breakfast at big sky i ogled the waiter with the mustache. i planned on this very thing. i also planned on talking to him. but i didn't. instead i was ridiculously shy (as usual) and said nothing. though he smiled at me twice and stared in my direction for the duration of breakfast. i suppose that's promising.

seeds of tulsi and papaver atlanticum arrived. i'm really hoping the latter are as wonderfully orange as the poppies i saw growing in new mexico. and speaking of poppies the native ones are beginning to bloom already! at least over on the coast.