yesterday we went on our…

by dishpantheism

yesterday we went on our usual walk through the wood. we do this during daylight hours so as not to be eaten by mountain lions or mauled by bears. though i suppose we're just as likely to encounter them in the late afternoon. in any case at least we might see predators approaching. 

the path we walk is one used by all sorts of people from my town. we see mothers jogging with their children on the smoother portions of the path. couples walk their dogs. it's really a railroad service road which is kept in pretty ill repair. and we're all really trespassing. there's a huge sign that warns against this sort of behavior. but everybody ignores it. they even installed a new and bigger sign recently. i think that was mostly for the benefit of the folks who ride their motorbikes into the brush and generally destroy the countryside. but i digress. i only mean to say that everyone walking or riding or biking the path knows they ought not be there. there's even a padlocked gate one has to skirt at the entrance to the wood. sister and i usually walk to a tall hill which seemingly marks the end of the road. yesterday we decided to keep going. and i'm so very glad we did.

we walked down the other side of the the very steep hill. the path was slick with run-off and red clay. honeysuckle is growing everywhere! mugwort and vervain are growing over the cut banks. when we reached the bottom of the hill there was a seasonal creek flowing out of a steep ravine to our right. but there was another padlocked gate across the road. no way to skirt it! we were feeling mischievous and decided to cross. i climbed over and sister crawled under the gate. we hiked up the ravine. buttercups were blooming everywhere! little johnny-jump-ups were poking new green leaves through last year's duff. everything is turning brilliant green. so lovely. we're packing a lunch next time.