there will be blood…

by dishpantheism

we went to the 4:45 showing of there will be blood. i thought it was fantastic. daniel day-lewis did a really fine job. paul dano too. as sister and i left the theater i heard an angry voice behind me say, "i paid money for that?!" i turned at the sound. there was a lone woman walking behind us. i shouldn't have turned. as soon as she locked eyes with me she started ranting about how bad the film was. and then she shouted, "wait…did you like that?!" "yeah, i thought it was really great," i said. she kind of threw up her hands and said,"and after he desecrated everything you believe in. it was garbage!" i just sort of chuckled and continued walking. sister said,"what'd that lady say to you? did she say it was garbage?" i related what the woman had said and then we spent about half an hour trying to puzzle out what she could have possibly meant with her talk about "desecration." in fact i'm still puzzling over it. as far as i can recall paul thomas anderson didn't desecrate anything i believe in. and i find it odd that a complete stranger felt that she had such insight into my personal beliefs. or did she mean "one" when she said "you"? even so i find it odd. on a different tack: i give props to day-lewis for pronouncing "san luis obispo" correctly. good job! also i wonder why anderson didn't just film in mckittrick. it's as desolate as marfa but it's actually in california. and oil really seeps out of the ground! 

we took polaroids downtown. the ornamental pears are flowering. the ornamental cherries are blooming too. pretty. before the film we hurriedly had a bite at mee heng low. look at the luverly reflection in my tea.

one of my favorite moments of today:

sister: hey is that a trophy shop?
me: yeah. i think so. i see trophies.
sister: (after walking half a block in silence) but why was there a dolphin trophy? i don't get it.
me: world's greatest dolphin dad.
sister: of course.

and that should perfectly illustrate just how lame i really am.