i watched a clip from…

by dishpantheism

i watched a clip from a documentary about yuri norstein. he spoke about his childhood and how he remembered the windows of houses being covered in condensation in winter. people would put lace wicks against the glass to collect the moisture in jars. my house could really use a similar system just now. the window glass is foggy. here in my bedroom it is especially so. the rain has been blowing against this side of the house all day. paperwhites are blooming on the shelf below the window. they look like they’re wearing wimples. an amaryllis is trying to bloom. it’s not quite up to the task yet. the hyacinths have put out fierce white roots. hundreds of them. the little glasses are filling with white threads so rapidly. but under the paper hats the bulbs are still quite asleep. the twigs of kalanchoe that i rescued from the street are turning their leaves toward the place where the sun should be. the little yellow bird in his mechanical cage is staring down at me. 

between gusts of wind i can hear a robin singing. and frogs. so many frogs!

i watched spirit of the beehive. so magical and dark. anna torrent is amazing. and the colors of that film blow me away.

wellidy. that’s all i have to report at the moment.



here is norstein. i’m in awe of the drawer full of eyes. his wife created them.