i can’t extract my photos…

by dishpantheism

i can't extract my photos of las posadas from my camera. so. here are some that sister took.

we celebrated our new year early to take advantage of the fact that d— was in town. between zombie movies there was much playing of bach inventions (by d—) and drinking of champagne. fun! but last night we went for a midnight walk and enjoyed the crazed lowing of cattle brought on by the many thunderous fireworks and kazoos. i stamped my feet in the dark to scare away evil spirits. there were bonfires everywhere. and very much to my surprise my neighbors did not fire their guns into the air to celebrate the passing of 2007. nor did they fire them on christmas. odd. on our way home the pale horse paced its fence and knickered. a frantic girl stopped her car and asked if we'd spied her black dog running away from the fireworks. negative. then we poked our fingers at the capillaries of frost on the windscreens of parked cars.

happy 2008!