raining! i’m really pleased. we…

by dishpantheism

raining! i'm really pleased. we need rain so badly. today it feels like we're getting our rain all in one go. we walked to lunch in the pouring rain. my umbrella is still awaiting repair. so. i arrived dripping and bare-headed at the cafe. it made the cowboys stare.

in the mail a wonderful parcel arrived! an automaton! a canary in a cage which rocks on its perch while a music box plays. so cool. someday i'm going to find one of those really articulated birds which chirps and moves its beak and head. but i'm currently enjoying my canary very much. very very much.

a strange little old man wished us a merry christmas while we were retrieving the parcel. he stuffed peppermints into our hands and then continued sorting his mail. it was cute and odd.

in a few weeks another parcel will arrive from germany. a braun nizo super8 little guy. i'm going to finally (finally!!!) make some tiny cut-paper animations. i can't even put into words how exciting this is for me. whoooooot!!! there. that summed it up pretty well.

brother and co. arrived a few days back. every time i sit to type a small child crawls into my lap and demands google image searches of kittens. or delights in drawing on me. or puts scotch tape all over my face. so. typing is out.  except right now because all of the wee ones are napping. hooray!

i killed a large portion of my succulent garden because i forgot to move them into a sheltered place. we've had several very hard frosts. i felt sick because my madagascar palm died. i still feel a tremendous guilt when i think about it. seriously. it's sort of silly. it was just a plant right? but no. i'd had it for years. it had grown from a little prickly sprout into a good sized specimen. almost 3.5 feet tall! and they grow slowly. i feel so bad. it was depending on me to look after it. stewardship and all that. poor thing couldn't get up and run away. when i found it after the frost it had turned into a mushy/pulpy tube. really hideous and pathetic. i should give it a wee funeral or something. maybe i won't feel so terrible about it then. dunno.

wellidy. i need to take advantage of the relative calm and silence currently prevailing 'round here. i go.