sister and i went to…

by dishpantheism

sister and i went to the toy store this afternoon. she gave darth vader a stern talking to. there were dinosaurs and playmobil critters and it was loads of fun. i was almost eaten by a giant teddy bear. afterward sister took a photo of my new hat. and me sitting smirkingly beneath it. observe.

the other afternoon we were walking and she heard a noise. she asked what the noise was. it went something like this:

sister: what in the world was that noise?

me: (looking into the tree where the noise seemed to be coming from) it's the sound of doves…humping.

sister: what?! no!

me: yes. they're right there.

sister: (in an undisguised disgusted tone) birds.

well. so. there you have it. i've been playing with toys and watching birds fuck. and making things. this is why i haven't updated my lowly blog. i'll return to regular posting intervals fairly soon. tomorrow i go to sell my wares and then i shall have more time for writing here.