all of the tin roofs…

by dishpantheism


all of the tin roofs are glowing at this hour. the moon is glinting on the corrugations. so pretty. it was a short walk this evening because i've got plenty to do at home. etsy things and things i need to write. not to mention the household things. so. a short walk. but very beautiful. a marmalade cat flattened its body into a clovery ditch when lola and i approached. i didn't notice it at first. it moved ever so slightly and from the corner of my eye i thought i saw a giant salamander. as you can imagine i was a little discomfited. but then my eyes focused into the clover shadows and i recognized the shape of cat. a very handsome cat at that.

late this afternoon the shadows outside began falling in triplicate. the product of those terrible fires down south. the sky was a little hazy. especially on the horizon. the light was slightly amber-y. at sunset the sun turned the most electric shade of orange-pink. the sky was lavender. it was amazing. from the car window i saw a jogger nearly trip and fall as he came round a corner and met the sun setting. the ashiness has settled out of the air now. i can breathe. i'm quite fond of breathing so this is an important development.


 listening:hounds of love–kate bush


it's getting quite late. i think i must try and sleep.